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Farewell to John Bolton, the Only Man to Make Trump Look Sane

A good-faith effort to profile a notoriously hard-to-define candidate. Review Posted Online: Jan.

Kirkus Reviews Issue: Feb. This was Massachusetts, where Democrats reigned and the Kennedys were royalty. By , however, the political climate had turned, and not in his favor. Around the country, voters had grown weary of incumbents.

Chapter 1: Praying for a miracle

Republicans had proven they could win in Massachusetts. And Kennedy himself had just emerged from a period of reckless personal behavior. The Winter Olympics, which Salt Lake City would host in a few years, were in deep trouble, severely damaged by an influence peddling scandal.

Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (feat. Eminem)

The Salt Lake Organizing Committee, swept up in a culture of corruption that permeated the high stakes international competition to get the Games, had embarrassed itself and the state of Utah by lavishing gifts on international Olympics executives. The shame of the scandal had sent corporate sponsors fleeing, leaving the budget for the Games woefully underfunded. Relations between the international and U.

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Olympic committees deteriorated badly. Morale among Salt Lake staffers nosedived. The competition would go on; there was little doubt about that. But there was a palpable sense of peril, particularly among vital supporters and sponsors.

The Real Romney by Michael Kranish and Scott Helman of the Boston Globe -

The Games needed a turnaround artist, and fast. The Mitt Romney who hit the campaign trail in was a different man from the political neophyte of He was, at fifty-five, now something of a media phenomenon; People magazine would soon name him one of the fifty Most Beautiful People in the World.

With a high-profile public achievement now under his belt, he was that much more self-confident. After the bruising he had endured in his race against Senator Kennedy, he was wiser in the ways of politics, and as a result, he was tougher. Within days, his campaign produced television ads designed to preemptively beat back any Democratic attacks. It was a lesson learned from the Kennedy onslaught eight years earlier, which had typecast him as a heartless corporate raider. This time Romney would define himself, instead of letting his opponent do it for him.