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Download your guide to employee conduct Use this free guide on managing employee conduct to learn ab This employment law guide outlines the forthcoming employment law changes and offers guidance on how The contract of employment covers a wide variety of terms and clauses which can be introduced in to A new year is nearly upon us, and with that comes the perpetual thoughts of where is my life going? And do I need to make a change? With signs of an improvement in the economy and job prospects, there is a general assumption that it is becoming relatively easy to gain a more appealing role, and because of this more and more employees are considering leaving their current positions.

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In light of this, it is vital that businesses place emphasis on staff retention, not only so they keep the best talent, but to also ensure recruitment and administration costs do not escalate. The ability to prevent the January blues from creeping in and retaining your staff requires taking active steps to strengthen the internal structure of your business. Below are three steps that could help you retain your organisations key talent into the New Year. Improving Communication When communication between employees and management dissipates, so to does the employer-employee relationship.

Strong channels of communication are an essential component in business, as they enable employees to stay up-to-date on company policies including any changes that have or a due to be implemented. Communication also provides an opportunity for employees to air any grievances they have within their role or within other areas of the workplace including co-worker disputes.

Often, such grievances go unresolved or escalate to a potentially damaging problem. Enabling communication in the workplace is a great way to avoid misunderstandings from occurring and will go a long way to ensuring your employees are happy at work. Take on board employees opinions This is often a missed opportunity for many companies, as they neglect to generate insight from their most valuable resource — their employees. On the whole, employees spend a majority of their time at the forefront of the business and thus have a deep understanding of what makes the company tick in terms of operational efficiency.

Encouraging your employees to engage with the business through providing their ideas on what may make the company more productive, will be invaluable for both parties involved. Businesses are likely to find solutions to common workplace issues, whereas employees will feel more connected to the company, knowing they add value and that their knowledge and experience matters.

Taking note of employees needs It is important to take a flexible approach to managing your employees as different employees have different needs, most notably within the area of working patterns and further training. Employees may decide to opt for flexible working due to varied reasons, and it is your duty as an employer to seriously consider each employees request and whether you can make it work within the parameters of your business. Taking the time to consider your employees needs will demonstrate that you are making the effort to integrate and keep them within the company.

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With regards to training, employees often enter the workplace to build and develop their skill-sets and thus look for opportunities to receive further training. If employers neglect to offer this, then it is easy for employees to become disgruntled and disconnected from their work. Training may sound expensive, but in the long-term when you weigh it up against increasing recruitment costs, it pays to invest time into your employees.

Final Note Whilst there other suggestions to improve employee retention, the aforementioned three are perhaps the most prevalent to employers who are concerned about losing staff in the New Year. For further clarification or advice, please call Peninsula on Share this blog. Got a question? Get a free callback from one of our experts.

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Her clients consistently note that her keen insights, dedication to clients and strong interpersonal skills create exemplary results. As an entrepreneur, Joann sharpened her skills in marketing, sales, business planning data analysis and operations. As a consultant for Talent Dimensions, Joann utilizes her talents in facilitating learning experiences that are engaging and results oriented.

Her extensive business background allows her to connect with an array of participants to capture their attention and keep them motivated throughout the learning experience. A forward-thinking strategist known for her business acumen and no-nonsense approach, Theresa has more than 20 years of experience both as a consultant and as an executive-level leader with Marriott.

She also served as a trusted member of the executive team charged with new hotel openings around the globe and led branding efforts for more than full-service hotels. Steve has over 25 years of consulting and corporate experience in the organizational talent management and individual coaching arenas. Carol brings over 20 years of Fortune corporate experience to her work with clients. As a bilingual talent development professional; she combines astute business, analytical and organizational skills to drive effective outcomes within organizations. As a consultant for Talent Dimensions, Carol is a seasoned facilitator who functions effectively at both the strategic and tactical levels.

Drawing on 25 years of corporate experience at American Express, Lindy offers a frontline perspective to discussions of needs analysis and potential solutions to organizational challenges. Her extensive background in training, human resource development and career development enables her to partner with clients and internal subject matter experts to co-create solutions that drive growth.

Michelle has worked with CSI for over 17 years in the deployment, logistics and accounting capacities of the company. She consistently utilizes her attention to detail and her sharp customer service skills to accommodate client requests and ensure satisfaction and these skills also support her role in managing the master training schedule and facilitation logistics.

Zionkowski Talent-Dimensions. Dawn has been working with virtual and online technologies specifically Adobe Connect and WebEx for over a decade. Her passion is to enable engaging and inspiring educational learning environments that are accessible to a multitude of adult learners. Cile has 20 years of experience helping organizations address their most important strategy…their talent development strategy. By focusing on the key drivers of retention and recognizing it is not a one-size-fits all proposition, she helps organizations discover how their strategic investments drive sustainable competitive advantage.

Through the lens of retention, engagement and career development, her corporate experience with GE, Martin Marietta and Lockheed Martin has helped propel her clients to consistently achieve operational success through value creation. In her role as Chief Operations Officer, Lynn is responsible for global delivery and solutions development, along with ensuring organizational excellence for Talent Dimensions and its clients.

You Are Here:. Stay Interviews Stop Talent Loss. By Beverly Kaye What is the key to engaging and retaining talent — the employees, knowledge workers, associates, technical specialists, and functional specialists who do the work and keep your company successful?

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