Guide Moodle 1.9 for Second Language Teaching

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Someone exactly like me in fact! I will definitely be implementing some of the wealth of resources within this book on my next Moodle for Teachers course, which begins in January How is the book written? The book is written in an informative, insightful and knowledgeable manner and contains comprehensive step by step instructions for how to approach each of the activities within the 10 chapters of the e-book. Chapters 11 and 12 are currently freely available to be downloaded. Jeff Stanford is an expert and enthusiastic follower of ICT, a teacher trainer, web site designer and avid Moodle practitioner.

His skill and expertise is inherently obvious throughout the book. You can go to this site to read more book reviews. Click for a demonstration of Moodle on this site www.

If you are a teacher who would like to implement the Moodle platform into your teaching schedule, Moodle 1. It covers all the basic ground work for you, all in one extensive tome! No need to search the net for various bits and pieces of information, no need to do investigative research into how to use the various plug-ins that Moodle supports. No need at all, because you will learn all this and much, much more.

It is in fact a one-stop resource available at your fingertips.

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That is the simple, essential beauty of this book. The following mind map shows you some of the functions of Moodle that are fully explained and exploited.

Moodle 1.9 For Second Language Teaching

Does Moodle 1. Whether you are a newbie Moodler, or seasoned Moodle user, I am certain that you will be satisfied with the content of the book. The aims of the book are clearly outlined by the author from the outset and I feel that all his objectives are fully realised.

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You will not need to go elsewhere for your research as a lot of questions are already predicted and fully explained by the author in each chapter of the book. Click here for the comprehensive table of contents. What did I like most about the book? As a fairly newbie Moodler, I really, really appreciated Jeff Stanford's invaluable step by step guidance. The reliable and comforting "Here's how to do it" formula works wonders for someone who is maybe inexperienced and unsure about how to work things out in a totally new learning environment.

This explanation is introduced after each activity is outlined. As a newbie, you need something to hold onto for dear life when you venture into uncharted territory. Moodle books

The fear factor of failure to comprehend a totally new concept is huge. This book definitely demystifies the whole process of using Moodle and makes it more easily accessible to the lay person.

I liked the extensive use of screenshots to demonstrate how activities work. This is a fantastic feature and helped me to understand what was being explained. From a learner's point of view, I liked the cyclical recycling of major points.

Teaching & Learning Online with Moodle

This helps to make the ideas more "sticky" and memorable. In particular, the author constantly refers to Chapter 2, "Getting Started with Moodle", which contains pivotal information and a thorough overview of Moodle. This chapter is at the heart of the book and demonstrates the core functions of Moodle, such as how to manage modules, how to set up activities, how to download videos from YouTube and so on. I liked the clarity of the language used to teach the various functions of Moodle.

The author writes in a very engaging and knowledgeable manner. You feel compelled to read further and learn more. I liked the fact that it is a true self-help book and it is flexible. You can go at your own speed. You can dip into it in any order that you want.

If for example, your main interest is in learning about exploiting the communicative potential within Moodle, then turning to Chapter 4 "Speaking Activities", you will have a host of exciting and interesting projects to try out using the Forum, Quiz, Wiki and Chat modules. If you are keen to learn more about listening, then Chapter 8 has an array of useful and practical lesson ideas.


For a free sample of the Listening section, please press here. The author systematically goes through the different options offered by Moodle and he provides a practical analysis of the pros and cons of the numerous resources highlighted in each chapter. For example, in Chapter 10, the author mentions the components and the limitations to the Webquest module. In Chapter 9, the book provides a useful checklist of the evaluation criteria for the Common European Framework. I am very keen on grammar in my own teaching environment and so for me Chapter 5 "Grammar Activities" was one that I naturally gravitated towards.

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Moodle 1.9 for Second Language Teaching

Packt Publishing. He has more than 20 years experience as a language teacher and teacher trainer, which he has applied with abundant enthusiasm to ICT for the last ten years. He is a portfolio worker and each of the strands of his professional life have contributed to this book: as an associate tutor on the MA TEFL course at Leicester University; as a communication skills tutor; as a web site designer; and as a teacher trainer.

Since doing a diploma in Interactive Multimedia in he's been particularly keen on demystifying technology, and helping teachers make the most of the rich world of internet language learning applications. He has been working with Moodle for the last 5 years, setting up Moodle installations for schools and companies and advising on best practice for administrators and teachers.