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Search the Handbook Search. Prerequisites From this unit will have a prerequisite of FIT Upon successful completion of this unit students should be able to: describe their obligations in relation to Patient Health Record Privacy and Security. See also Unit timetable information. Just like the sixth edition, you can order just one chapter.

The first chapter, Overview of Health Informatics is available as a free download. Chapter 1: Overview of Health Informatics. Robert E. Hoyt, Elmer V.

Health Informatics Practical Guide For Healthcare And Information Technology Professionals Fifth Edi

Bernstam, William R. Chapter 1 Overview of Health Informatics provides a broad overview of this evolving field. Hersh, Robert E. Chapter 4: Electronic Health Records.

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Robert E Hoyt, Vishnu Mohan. Chapter 5: Standards and Interoperability. William R. Chapter 5 reviews the many standards in existence today and why they are important. Sections include: Introduction, Identifier standards, Transaction standards, Terminology standards and Recommended reading.

Chapter 6: Health Information Exchange. Hoyt, William R. Chapter 6 discusses the importance of sharing and exchanging health information.

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Chapter 7: Healthcare Data Analytics. Chapter 7 is timely given the new emphasis on big data and predictive analytics. C hapter 8: Clinical Decision Support. Hoyt, Harold Lehmann.

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Chapter 8 explains why clinical decision support CDS is important not just for electronic health records EHRs but for healthcare reform and improvement. Harry Burke. Sections include: Introduction, Safety, quality and value, Using the EHR to improve safety, quality and value, The inability to interpret free text has limited safety, quality and value, Safety and quality detection and reporting, clinical decision and support systems and future trends.

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Chapter Health Information Privacy and Security. John Rasmussen.

Chapter 10 discusses the importance of privacy and security in healthcare and the regulations currently in place such as HIPAA. Chapter Health Informatics Ethics.

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Ken Masters. Chapter 11 discusses the need for ethics in Health Informatics, particularly in the digital age. Chapter Consumer Health Informatics.