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Attempting to critically engage that history can help the United States narrow uncertainty, prepare for a long diplomatic process should one…. Gregory A. Daddis , Walter C.

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For the most part, academic historians have said no. The South…. Our reviewers respond to Terence Roehrig's new book, "Japan, South Korea, and the United States Nuclear Umbrella," and ask some tough questions about the purpose and future of extended deterrence.

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Nicholas L. Miller , Vipin Narang. How well do the existing theories about nuclear proliferation predict North Korea's successful nuclearization?

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Patrick M. Manzo , Adam Mount , John K. James B. East Asian countries have a tendency to recall their historical grievances with rival nations, thus increasing the risk of eventual conflict.

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American policy toward East Asia, on the other hand, tends to have too short of a memory. Philip Zelikow.

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  • A closer examination of what led President William McKinley to take the Philippines reveals a series of deliberate and thoughtful choices that have often been overlooked or ignored. Data taken from the World Bank. Map 2: China is increasingly militarizing artificial islands in the South China Sea. This reassurance applies to potential U. Moreover, this reassurance would apply for easily maneuverable U.

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    As prime minister I intend to demonstrate my resolution to defend fully people's lives, our territory, and our beautiful ocean. The security of Japan is not someone else's problem; it is a crisis that exists right there and now. Foreign Policy September Perovskite cells can also be made cheaply from commonly available industrial chemicals and metals, and they can be printed onto flexible films of plastic in roll-to-roll mass-production processes. Silicon cells, by contrast, are rigid. They are made from thinly sliced wafers of extremely pure silicon in a process that requires high temperature.

    That makes factories designed to produce them an expensive proposition.

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    Mini-grids offer the quickest, most cost-effective way to bring hour power to large parts of Africa. It announced its official establishment in Nairobi, indicating it currently has about 11 member companies including innovative start-ups and established utilities. AMDA, explained it aims to combine private sector innovation, efficiency, and customer service with public sector support to help end energy poverty across Africa. Crowdfunding for energy access initiatives is still at an early stage, and is often poorly understood.

    The amounts of money being raised currently are small compared to the overall financing needs of the sector. However, the crowd can potentially play an important role alongside other types of financing. Over the last three years, Energy 4 Impact has been researching crowdfunding by energy access ventures, with funding from UKaid. The crowd provides vital capital needed by these ventures to grow to a point where they can begin to access more conventional sources of funding. This is where the crowd plays a catalytic role. The crowd is helping to support the emergence of a broader array off market actors, a critical development needed to address energy access demand.

    The reports analyse crowdfunding trends through different platforms and illustrate that energy access crowdfunding is best suited in assisting start-ups and smaller energy access firms. Photo by unsplash. Power in Africa. Previous posts:.